Savage, Mediterranean Grill

Cold Starters

  • 1. Cheese board with Iberian charcuterie

    With grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil, olives, and pickles

  • 2. Premium local tomatoes

    With fresh Burrata handmade on the day, Kalamata olives, and extra virgin olive oil

  • 3. Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, crispy chicken, bacon, and Cesar sauce.

  • 4. Marinated salmon

    With dill and exotic peppers, roe, blinis and sour cream

  • 5. Aguachile

    With prawns, cucumber, jalapeños, corn toast and avocado cream

  • 6. Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

    Quail egg yolk, Asian dressing, and scallions

  • 7. Steak tartar

    Sirloin steak with grilled beef marrow

Hot Starters

  • 8. Scallops

    Grilled with chipotle and pico de gallo with tropical pineapple

  • 9. Crispy prawns

    With spicy mango mayonnaise

  • 10. Garlic Prawns

    With a touch of coconut cream and aromatic curry

  • 11. Argentine Empanadas

    Stuffed with sirloin and trimmings of our premium matured beef

  • 12. Croquettes

    Homemade, crunchy and creamy with Iberian ham

  • 13. Savage Wings

    Free-range chicken marinated in our special sauce, vacuum cooked and finished in a Josper oven

Sandwiches and burgers

  • 20. Lobster Roll

    Brioche bread sandwich with lobster, chipotle mayonnaise, egg, lettuce, and scallions

  • 21. Tikka burger

    Crispy free-range chicken marinated in Tikka Masala, brioche bread and romaine lettuce.

  • 22. Classic burger

    Matured beef, double cheddar cheese, brioche bread and home pickled gherkins.


    300g matured beef double burger, our blend of 5 melted cheeses, brioche bread, caramelised onion, pan-fried bacon and truffled mayonnaise

  • 24. Vegan Burger

    Made with beetroot and soya protein, vegan brioche bun, vegan cheese, tomato, lettuce and vegan mayonnaise.


  • 30. Imperial Tiger Prawn

    Marinated with coconut, yogurt, Amazonian spices and Brazil nuts, cooked in a Josper oven

  • 31. Moqueca Bahiana

    Brazilian seafood stew made with cod, prawns, coconut milk, vegetable sofrito and tomato

  • 32. Teriyaki Salmon

    Fresh Salmon fillet marinated in teriyaki sauce, cooked in a Josper oven, served with pickled cucumber and local sweet potato puree

  • 33. Sea Bass

    Stuffed with spinach and fresh homemade ricotta cheese, grilled and served with a fresh lettuce mix

Our low-temperature cooked meats

  • 40. Indian Little Chicken

    Slow-cooked free-range chicken thigh with Indian spices and mango, served with basmati rice and coconut

  • 41. Baby Back Ribs

    Glazed with tamarind honey, chili, and coriander

  • 42. Leg of suckling lamb

    Mashed truffle potato, rosemary, thyme, lemon, and roasted garlic

  • 43. Shank of suckling veal

    Au jus flavored with truffle and port, roasted apple compote with butter and ginger

  • 44. Black Angus Ribs

    Lacquered with palm honey and smoked chili,local sweet potato puree and butter

Our josper style premium cuts

  • 50. Pork Tomahawk Chop 600g

    Grilled local pork chop with herb butter, garlic and dried tomato

  • 51. Chateaubrian 500g

    French-style cut of sirloin comprising the head of the sirloin

  • 52. Sirloin Tournedo 250g

    French-style cut from the centre of the sirloin

  • 53. Rossini Sirloin 250g

    Typical French recipe with beef tournedo tenderloin marinated in butter and finished on the grill. Accompanied by foie grass, toast and truffle sauce

  • 54. Dry-Aged Ribeye 400g

    Boneless high loin centre, matured for at least 21 days

  • 55. Low Loin Steak 400g

    From cattle over 4 years of age of European origin

  • 56. T-Bone

    Cut of bone-in loin, comprising part of the tenderloin and loin, from European cattle over 4 years old

  • 57. Simmental Beef Cutlet

    High loin cut on the bone from Simmental cattle of European origin, matured for more than 21 days

Side dishes and sauces

  • 60. Small salad

    Fresh lettuce and cherry tomatoes

  • 61. Papas bravas (fried potato wedges in a spicy sauce):

    With chipotle and aioli

  • 62. Baked Potato

    With garlic butter and herbs, grilled with parmesan cheese.

  • 63. Deluxe French fries

    Cut into wedges, mixed spices and double fried

  • 63. Basmati rice

    Cooked in coconut milk and flavoured with lemon grass and keffir lime leaves

  • 64. Vegetables

    Seasonal sautéed wok with sweet soy sauce

  • 65. Chimichurri

    Classic Argentinean sauce to accompany grilled meats, made with aromatic herbs, vinegar and olive oil

  • 66. Hollandaise Sauce

    Emulsified sauce based on clarified butter and egg yolk

  • 67. Sauce with exotic peppers

    Made with reduced veal jus, flavoured with exotic peppers, brandy and a touch of fresh cream

  • 68. Truffle and red wine sauce

    Made with reduced veal jus, red wine, a touch of flower honey and truffle puree


  • 80. Flan

    Coconut with salted toffee foam

  • 81. Panna Cotta

    With tropical and citrus fruits

  • 82. American cookies

    Dark chocolate and hazelnut pralines, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream.

  • 83. Savarin

    French-style sponge cake soaked in rum, served with cream and strawberries.